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    358A crimping machine

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Mechanical model: TDJM-5-358A

Machine name: 358A rolling mill

Processing capacity: ɸ5.0mm-ɸ16.0mm

Production speed: 0-39M/min

Power: 24.62KW

Uses: rolling copper, iron, aluminum, titanium, stainless steel and other metals, frequency conversion speed regulation

Product shape: triangle, hexagon, square, flat, oval, semicircle and other irregular shapes

Features: Economical and applicable type 258A, compact structure, large rolling capacity


Two-roll rolling mill: Roll metal round wire into square, flat, special-shaped or patterned wire, which is used in the rolling process of various metal wires. Because of its large rolling capacity, it is mostly used for the preliminary rolling of shaped wire rod, that is, wire rod roughing. The small rolling mill is suitable for rolling small and thin metal flat wires, and the large rolling mill is powerful and suitable for processing thick wires. In addition to the standard two-roll mill, There are specially designed to be used with other machinery, such as: producing flat wire hair clips with buckle machine, producing patterned metal chain with chain weaving machine, and producing flat wire steel support with spring machine. There are many kinds of products, which can be customized according to samples.