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Life cannot bloom brilliant flowers from lies. -Heine

Those who do not believe in words will do nothing. ——Mozi

Honesty is a symbol of strength, it shows a person's high self-respect and inner sense of security and dignity. -Irene Kaser

The people cannot stand without credibility. --Confucius

The most immoral thing about human beings is dishonesty and cowardice. —— Gorky

There is no dignity without honesty. -Cicero

When credit disappears, there is no life in the body. -Dumas

The truth is often a big lie. —— Franklin

Sincerity is an open heart. -La Roche Foucault

If you want others to be honest, you must first be honest. -Shakespeare

Honesty is the lifeblood of life and the foundation of all values. ——Dry

The honest, the way of heaven; the honest, the way of man. -Mencius

Deception can only be temporary, and integrity is a long-term strategy. --John Ray

Credit is hard to gain and easy to lose. Credit accumulated over ten years is often lost due to temporary words and deeds. —— Daisaku Ikeda

I would rather be attacked by a hundred enemies with my sincerity than by my hypocrisy and praised by ten friends. —— Petofi

Honest people always hate hypocritical people, but hypocritical people often appear in honesty. -Spinoza

Without integrity, how can dignity come? -Cicero

To lose faith is to fail. --Zola


Credit is a successful partner UK

Credit is more important than gold Germany

Credit out of gold, because gold is easier to get than credit

Credit is an intangible asset Japan

Credit is the biggest capital UK

People can't stand without faith, and shops can't stand without faith

Operating with credit as capital

I'd rather lose money than trust

Obtaining credit comes at a high price, Gerald

Private credit is property, public honor is security deposit Junius

Losing credit is a person’s greatest loss, about Clark

Loss of credit is a broken mirror, impossible to repair Germany

Light the country of thousands of vehicles, but emphasize the faith of a word

Words must be believed, expectations must be met, and the world's highest deeds are also Huainanzi

Make friends with your words and believe in the Analects

People who don’t believe in everyone know that they have no credibility Auerbach

If a person does not keep his word, it is tantamount to causing others to break his promise.

When credit disappears, the flesh is dead. France

Those who lose their credit have nothing to lose. Syrus

The money earned by losing credit should be settled in the loss Rome

A person’s credit is directly proportional to the banknotes in his cash drawer.

If a customer loses his letter, a hundred guests will not come

Win trust with honesty, win with trust

Words must be done, actions must be resolute