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Lixin Culture
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Marketing: Lead the market, serve the market, create the market

Customer principle: customer satisfaction is the eternal pursuit of an enterprise

Executive concept: the same voice of the same group of people

Team concept: Only a strong team can create a great company

Safety concept: life is in my hands, safety is in my heart

Quality concept: Quality is the biggest source of value Quality is the best advertising carrier

Service concept: the final battlefield and eternal theme of the enterprise

Marketing concept: Don't make excuses for failure, only find ways to succeed!

Work philosophy: work harder than the hardest, and work harder than the hardest.

Talent concept: talents make enterprises, enterprises create talents

Action concept: Action is the beginning of success, and waiting is the source of failure.

Survival concept: in good times, win and pursue, and in adversity, redouble your efforts.

Development concept: There is no ultimate in life, only constant climbing

Development policy: sustained, effective, fast and coordinated development